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About Tony Hudson

I have been working professionally in the entertainment industry for almost 25 years, with experience in film, television, theater, theme parks, video games, and music videos. I have supervised and managed the artistic and technical aspects of large and small feature film crews working in the fields of CG modeling, painting, animation, rigging, simulation setup, and animation layout. I have worked closely with directors, production managers, and producers to develop schedules, and create budgets.

Since mid-2008 I have been working as an independent Visual Effects Supervisor specializing in low cost/high quality visual effects for films, music videos and web projects. In that time I have delivered over 600 visual effects shots on time and on budget.

I was originally a puppeteer and puppet maker at the Center for Puppetry Arts in Atlanta, but I had a secret desire to work for George Lucas at Industrial Light and Magic, so in 1985 I relocated to Marin County California, hoping that proximity- if nothing else- would get me my dream job at ILM. Amazingly, this plan worked, and I spent the next 17 years working my way through various roles at ILM, first as a puppet maker in the Creature Shop, then as a modeler for the new Enterprise in Star Trek- The Next Generation ; later, I migrated with most of the rest of the industry over to working in Computer Graphics rising through the ranks to become a Digital Creature Supervisor. Since 2007 I have been working for myself as a freelance Visual Effects artist.I have been involved in the entertainment industry for over twenty-five years working in film, television, theater, theme parks, virtual worlds, and video games. In 2002 I joined Walt Disney Feature Animation, working at the Florida and Burbank Studios as CG Supervisor and as a Story Visualization Artist.

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